Les Baird, Mentalist

It’s time to get serious with the mysterious!

Witness first-hand the incredible power of the human mind as Les the Mentalist takes you on a thrilling journey beyond the limits of perception. He sees the unseen. He knows the unknown. Les the Mentalist will use his mind to blow YOUR mind!


Next Show:

Saturday June 14, 8 PM

Randy Now's Man Cave!

134 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown NJ

Only $5



Best Soda Selection in NJ!





"3-Digit Mind Reading"

Imagine thinking of a 3 digit number, only to have it read back to you as well as revealing a unique personality trait.



The Lying Coins

Can the truth be found by lying?  Watch Les the Mentalist find a selected coin by sensing whether an audeince member is telling the truth.



Frankenstein Book Prediction

The chances are 100,000 to one... or are they? Follow this mysterious series of random events that reveal an amazing prediction.